Produplicator 1 to 11 M-Disc Support CD DVD Duplicator Bundle

DVD Duplicator Tower Review: Produplicator 11 DVD Duplicator

Instead of using your CD or DVD media player to burn disc copies, you can now use a faster and more convenient option that will allow you to burn up to 11 discs in one go. Presenting the Produplicator, a standalone duplicator tower that will let you burn not just 1 but up to 11 discs all at the same time! You can burn copies for presentations, to give as a souvenir or as a gift fast up to 24 times faster than the regular DVD burning speed. The Produplicator has great features that make it a good duplicator at the office or at home. This review will discuss how it fares well with functionality, ease of use and build.

Functionality of Produplicator 1 to 11 M-Disc Support CD DVD Duplicator

Produplicator 1 to 11 M-Disc Support CD DVD Duplicator Bundle

The Produplicator will etch data on an m-disc which will last longer than burning data on discs. You will be able to keep your disc for 1000 + years because the Produplicator etches data within a rock-like layer and adhesive layer. DVD burners burn data on layers that are very vulnerable to failure in just a few years.

You can also use this m-disc etcher on other forms of media like CDs and DVDs but an m-disc is the most recommended media to use. It can etch discs 25 times faster than regular DVD burners and with its disc capacity; you can etch more than 50 discs in an hour.

Supporter Video Files

You can etch almost all new and popular video files available. It supports 4.7GB DVD-R/RW, 4.7GB DVD+R/RW, 8.5GB DL Dual Layer DVD and 80min/700MB CD-R. You don’t have to wait too long to make copies because it can etch CDs in 2 to 4 minutes, DVDs 5 to 8 minutes and M-Discs for 12 to 15 minutes. It does not copy protected disc formats or discs that are rented or brought from a store.

Features of Produplicator DVD Duplicator Copier

Features of Produplicator DVD Duplicator Copier

Ease of Use

This is a standalone etcher so you do not need additional hardware for it to work. It comes with Nero burning software so you can get more value out of your purchase. The controls to open and close individual disc drives are located in front while a large power button sits on the upper right hand corner for your convenience. You can guarantee that this will stay cool no matter how many times you use it because it has three built-in fans at the back while its individual power supply also has a designated fan and cooling port.


The Produplicator is built to last so you can use it to etch discs for a long time. It is made from hard and durable plastic for the front panel while the sides, top and back are made from lightweight but durable metal sheets.

Back and front of Produplicator

Verdict: The Produplicator M-disc etcher is a good multiple DVD, CD and M-disc etcher that will etch, not burn, data on discs. It works 25 times faster than regular one disc capacity burners and will create copies that will last for 1000+ years. The Produplicator also comes in models that can etch 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 discs at a time. If you think that the Produplicator M-Disc, DVD and CD Duplicator is the right duplicator for your personal data copying needs, follow this link.

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