DVD Shrink​

Top 3 Best Free DVD Ripper Programs

Ripping DVDs into your external hard drive or into your PC is a great help if you want to backup all your files into one memory that can be used for storage, this is done if you want to get rid of all the physical discs. The top three Best Free DVD Ripper Programs are the DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, and the BDlot DVD ISO Master. With the use of right DVD ripping software, your conversion would not be a complicated process.

#1. DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink​

DVD Shrink is a freeware for Microsoft Windows that has a transcoder program that contains a one-megabyte single executable file. It operates in two modes which are the Reauthor and Full Disk. Reauthor interface allows you to choose which DVD elements (Menus, Title, subtitles, audio tracks and Special Features) to remain in the shrunken file. While the Full Disk functionality is a backup copy that compresses the menu or some special features to make space for other DVD elements that you need to be included on the file.

DVD Shrink has the ability to take a 4.7 GB memory but it can only compress a memory that is less than 4.3GB. The struggle in using this ripper program is to carefully check the files that you can remove or compress to come up with a memory of 4.3 GB or less.

• It can be downloaded conveniently that is free of charge.
• It has a fast program that has a straight forward interface for easy access.
• It has a fast copying speed that lets you choose whether full copying or customize parts copying.

• You may need to have default burning software such as NERO if you would directly burn DVD for backup copies.
• The author has stopped developing it since 2005 that is why it does not support newer Microsoft windows.

#2. DVD Decrypter

DVD Decrypter

DVD Decrypter has the ability to rip DVDs and Blu-rays that can save the file into their original formats; nothing will be altered, changed or shrunk. This ripper program has the ability to remove the Content Scramble System, which is a restriction placed in some commercially produced video disc’s access.

It also allows you to rip specific files because of its straightforward interface. Some of its features are removing region codes and it supports multi-angle DVD movies for an excellent visual experience that lets you view in different angles. This ripper program can only copy 4.38GB of files. The downside of this ripper program is that it cannot copy data in DVDs protected by new systems such as XProtect.

• The quality is preserved using this software.
• Its program and software are for long term use because until now it is still being maintained.

• The interface of this software is a bit complicated that is why it may take some time for you to learn the in and out of this software.

#3. BDlot DVD ISO Master

BDlot DVD ISO Master

BDlot DVD ISO Master has the ability to save and burn regular and protected files into ISO which is a file that represents an entire CD or DVD. This ripping technology has the ability to successfully create an ISO file, backup protected files using its Unique Decrypting Technology and its Proofing Technology Guarantees timely and accurate data burning.

This ripping program can be able to run in any Windows operating systems because of its All-round burning technology without having an impact on your computers because you don’t need to install any other ripping tools.

• It is an easy and highly streamlined way of copying DVD content.
• It has the ability to remove copy protections and restrictions.

• It lacks in customizations features and it only accepts ISO formatted files.

Final Thoughts

The goal of ripping programs is to make your digital files accessible without relying on your discs that have a tendency to be scratched. With all the available ripping programs available you’ll just need to choose what works best for your lifestyle. You can get these ripper programs at a cheap price but some downloaders are free of charge.

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